Ten years ago I posted another layout with this photo of hydrangeas from my garden in Anna Aspnes Gallery at Oscraps. In the description box of my post, I wrote:

“I’m new to using Anna’s artsy things, very unsure of what I’m doing, certainly coming from a more traditional background. So I appreciate the examples here. Photo taken yesterday in my garden. I used Anna’s new kit and paper, ArtPlay Autumn Haze and an overlay from ArtPlay Fall 1.”

Comparing the old layout on the left in the screenshot below to the one on the right that I just created, it’s evident I’ve changed as an artist over the last ten years. I describe my artsy style as classic, but there are many other artsy styles. These are some of the characteristics of my style.

Classic Artsy Style Characteristics

  • Use a solid paper for a clean look.
  • Consider design principles when creating a page.
  • Focus on photos, either blending a photo into the background with brushes or clip the photo to a fotoblendz mask.
  • Use artsy transfers to create depth and interest as well as support page design.
  • Add title and journaling.
  • Use a multimedia file to create an easy cluster.

Use a Solid Paper for a Clean Look

Consider Design Principles in Placing Photo

Create a Visual Triangle with Artsy Transfers.

  • Place the layers of file 5 from Artsy Transfers Bountiful above the mask and photo.
  • Group the layers by pressing the keys command + G.
  • Move the layers to the top left, adjusting their position using the grid.
  • Turn off the text transfer layer.
  • Place the layers of file 1 from Artsy Transfers Bountiful on the bottom right of the layout.
  • Group the layers by pressing the keys command + G.
  • Move the layers to the bottom right.
  • Turn off the white transfer layer.
  • Adjust position of paper layer.
  • Use the grid to place Flower Transfer 1 from ArtPlay Palette Bountiful where the lines intersect on the bottom left.
  • Duplicate the transfer to intensify the color.

Note: I turned off the masked photo for this screenshot so that you can see where I placed the transfers on the grid. I actually added the transfer layers with the mask and photo in position.

Add Title and Journaling

Use a MultiMedia File to Create a Fast Cluster

  • Open file 2 from MultiMedia Bountiful No. 1.
  • Drag the layers to top of Layers Panel.
  • Group layers by pressing the keys command + G.
  • Move layers into position as a group.

Embrace your own journey to find your style. Take some time to look back from time to time to see just how far you’ve come as an artist.