I moved my blog to a new domain, photosandstories.com, during the first week of August. I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to share for the first post on my new domain. Often, it’s good to review the basics. Below I share one design principle that guides my creative work.

I frequently start a new document by adding guide lines that divide a 12×12 inch page into thirds. In the same way photographers use guide lines to place subjects in a photo, I use guidelines to create pages. I start my pages with my photo. On this page, I placed the photo on the right two-thirds of the page. Since I generally include journaling on my pages, I also think about placement of journaling. The journaling fills the left third.

For the page below, I placed the gnome extraction in the middle third, placed the journaling on the left top third and left roughly the bottom third blank to create white space.

On the next page, the photo is asymmetrically placed in the middle third with the journaling on the bottom right third. Asymmetrical designs are far more interesting designs.

On the last example, notice that the photos and journaling focus the eyes across the middle third of the page. As I look at the finished layout I think I want to change the background so that I can emphasize the photos and journaling horizontally arranged across the middle of the page.

Have you thought about your process recently, what you do first to create a page? What do you want to change about your process? Try applying guide lines to analyze the design of layouts. I’ve learned a lot about design by applying guide lines to the artsy paper in Anna’s ArtPlay Palettes.